Practical Experiences of Odour Management

30 September 2020, The Studio, Leeds


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Conference Opening & Welcome: Chair – Rowland Minall, General Manager, Aqua Enviro

Odour Management with Activated Carbon – Product Selection and Case Studies
David Reay, CPL Activated Carbons

Practical Experiences Implementing Large Odour Control Schemes
Richard Hanson, ERG (Air Pollution Control)

Use of Regenerative Catalysts to Treat Extreme Odour, VOC and Hydrogen Sulphide
Ben Donaldson and Tarras Delin, Centriair Catalytics

Preventing Odour Emissions by Process Integrated Methods Using Readily Available Plant By-products
Bart Kraakman , Jacobs, Bristol

An odour assessment toolkit: Introduction and practical application
Nick Jones, Odournet UK

Practical odour management solutions for preparing for predicted climate changes in the UK
David Sivil, WRc

Approaches for holistic odour management
Christoph Mannebeck, Olfasense GmbH

Application of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) in the investigation of nuisance odours
Ray Natrass, Renewi

Unlocking site potential and supporting sustainable development of sewerage infrastructure using odour modelling
Barry Roberts, AECOM


Odour is the main source of complaint to the Environment Agency as well as being the key cause of dispute between site owners/operators and their neighbours. Nuisance odours can be associated with a wide range of activities, including: waste handling; wastewater and sludge treatment as well as the application of material to land. These odours can have a substantial negative impact upon quality of life. In the UK, nuisance odours from industrial, trade and business premises are regulated by local councils under the Environment Act 1990, following H4 guidance.

The treatment and management of odours is typically undertaken through extraction and treatment through different types of odour treatment units or processes including but not limited to biofilters, multi-phase scrubbers and Activated Carbon.  With the advent of AMP7, population growth encroaching upon site boundaries and the deregulation of municipal bioresources markets occurring in 2020, the requirement for effective odour control and management has never been greater.

Anticipated audience includes:

  • Site and/or compliance managers
  • Permitting officers
  • Regulators
  • Odour professionals

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