Use of Disc Filters in Tertiary Solids Removal

Barter, P., Hydro International, UK


The presentation will discuss the construction of the latest generation of DynaDisc filters, how they are
sized, the operation of the filter, particular requirements and understanding required, site information on the Hogsmill installation and whole life costs.


The DynaDisc is constructed of a number of disc segments, 10 per disc, the segments are of plastic
construction with the filter membrane fused into the segment.

• The disc segments are attached to a rotating drum constructed of stainless steel.
• The disc segments are sealed to each other and the drum, to give the required number of discs
per units.
• The drum is closed at the drive end around a central bearing, and spoked at the inlet end. One of
the spokes is removable.
• The dirt washwater leaves the drum via the centre of the spoked wheel
• The disc drive is via a cog belt
• The whole disc assembly is then supported via the bearings within a stainless steel frame
• A constant level tank constructed of GRP provides a large weir, therefore negating the head over
weir due to flow concerns
• A spar arm assembly fits between each disc with 6 nozzles evenly spaced each way down the
• The whole nozzle assembly oscillates thereby reducing banding on the screens
• The washwater pump draws water from the constant level tank through a strainer and into the
spray arm assembly
• A GRP cover fits over the discs allowing good access but protecting the equipment, and excluding
The filters are available in their own stainless steel tank for installation onto a concrete plinth, or to site
within a civil constructed tank. The units are constructed in 4 disc lengths, with spare disc slots covered
for future expansion.

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