Three Years Operation of a 270 MLD C-TECH SBR – Lessons for New Technologies

Goronszy, M.C.
Bisasco Pty Limited, Kings Langley, NSW. 2147. Australia


The 270 MLD (ADWF) Jelutong Sewage Treatment Plant (JSTP), is designed to meet advanced
treatment standards for biological nitrogen removal (BNR) with the option of operating for
enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) in the future. It is one of the largest plants in
the world and the largest plant in Asia to adopt cyclic activated sludge technology using the CTech
Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) configuration and operating method for the water line
treatment. This paper summarizes wastewater characteristics and treatment performance
during an initial ‘calibration’ benchmark period and the third and fourth years of its operational
maturity. An initial benchmark effluent quality was established, based on flow proportioned two
hour influent and one hour effluent sampling of a four basin module (out of the total three
modules and 12 basins) operating at as received nominal 90 MLD ADWF design hydraulic
loading. Mean effluent values of 3.8 mg/L BOD, 9.4 mg/L TSS, 25 mg/L COD, 3.5 mg/L TKN, 1.7
mg/L NH3-N, 5 mg/L (NH3-N + NO3-N) and 2.5 mg/L TP were generated covering the operation
over 1050 continuous nominal four hour basin cycles. The calibration procedure included
operation after 166 continuous basin cycles of two of the four basins at a two order of
magnitude step change organic loading to evaluate process sensitivity response to full scale load
variation with two basins operated at their same initial loading functioning as a reference. Each
basin is instrumented with DO and ORP sensors for process monitoring and OUR/ORP
interactive control together with MLSS sensors for in basin determination of a settled sludge
interface velocity (SSIV), biomass auditing and regulation of sludge wasting. Performance
statistics in the third and fourth year demonstrated monthly mean values of less than 5 mg/L TN
and enhanced biological phosphorus removal to 0.3 mg/L TP. The facility is currently required to
meet an effluent quality of 10 mg/L mean and 20 mg/L maximum BOD, 20 mg/L mean and 50
mg/L maximum TSS, 50 mg/L maximum COD, 5 mg/L maximum NH3-N and 10 mg/L maximum
(NH3-N + NO3-N) based on Malaysian guideline directives



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