State-of-the-art on Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis technology; case studies from recent THP Energy Efficiency and Capacity upgrade project: PRESENTATION ONLY

Bakhtiary, H.1, Malekizadeh, A.2, Dadgar, F.1, 1Cambi Group AS, 2Urban Utilities, Australia


Cambi have been continuously monitoring and improving the performance of the installed Thermal Hydrolysis Plants (THPs) around the globe for more than two decades. The learnings from the operation improvement of installed THP plants, combined with innovative product development initiatives have led to developing our state-of-the-art design and technology, with improved performance. For existing plants using earlier designs, Cambi has developed standardized upgrade packages which can considerably improve plant throughput, reduce energy demand, extend plant lifetime, or avoid costly future expansions.

Energy efficiency upgrades enable an improved mixing and heat recovery in the pre-heating vessel (Pulper) through mechanical and software modifications applied. The upgrade proved to result in a) elevated reactor feed temperatures, b) reduction of steam consumption per tons of DS treated (hence lower boiler fuel cost) and c) improved lifetime of the pump and lower maintenance costs. This paper reviews case studies from the recent Energy Efficiency and Capacity upgrades designed and executed by Cambi, among others on two THP installations in Oxley Creek THP in Brisbane, Australia and in Tilburg THP in Netherlands.

Key drivers behind the upgrade project at Oxley Creek THP (originally MK I, B12-3 system) were to increase capacity and to improve the energy efficiency of the plant. The upgraded plant has been in operation since Feb. 2019 and have successfully achieved the targets; where 1) a hydraulic capacity was increased from 280 to 400 m3/day of sludge as a result of applying Mark II design, and 2) an enhanced energy recovery (higher average reactor feed temperatures due to applying Energy Efficiency Upgrade), resulting in approximately 12% lower boiler fuel consumption. All performance guarantees were successfully fulfilled achieved and confirmed by the THP owner. In Tilburg (originally MK I, B12-3 system), THP was upgraded to primarily improve the energy efficiency plant and to resolve erosion issues in pulper and pumps due to external objects/stones in the imported sludge. Energy efficiency Upgrade of the THP resulted in up to 25% reduction in steam consumption and hence a lower boiler fuel cost. Moreover, modifications of pulper piping resulted in relocating the suction pipe from the vessel bottom hence reducing erosion rate and longer pump lifetime. Performance data related to these case studies will be presented and discussed in the power point presentation.

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