Screenings Handling Equipment – Solving Operational Problems

Spencer, C., JWC International, UK


The JWC International Screenings Handling Equipment Product Range, our Screenings Washer Monster,
(JWCI SWM) is quickly establishing itself within the UK Water Industry as being seen as the ideal solution
to handle the heavy solids and ragging content found in the “first-flush” ingress into an Inlet Works,
especially when following a Dry Period - Storm Condition.
This heavy ragging is caused when solids that have dried out and settled in the Sewers, under Storm
Conditions, are washed into the Inlet Works causing serious operational issues.
Operational Issues - Inlet Works
The Inlet Screens, if they are able to lift these heavy solids, convey the plug of screenings via a Screw
Conveyor or Launder System into the Screenings Handling Units that have been installed on site.
Standard De-waterer or Compactors can often be unsuitable to process these plugs as they can be too
large to be efficiently processed within the Conditioning Tank. This reduces the ability of the unit to clear
this and causes the next plug in turn to remain in the Conditioning Tank, enlarging the initial plug and
thereby increasing the problem.
The JWCI SWM is ideal for installations where this problem is prevalent as the Macho Monster Grinder,
with a combination of High Flow Side Rails and Scraper Bars unique to JWC International, disintegrates
these plugs prior to Compaction, De-watering and Discharge.
We can easily achieve a throughput of up to 7.5 m3
/ hour of Wet Screenings through the units which at
up to 86% Volume Reduction, will equate to a Discharged Plug of 1.05 m3
/ hour, greatly reducing the
transportation costs to Landfill Sites.
In addition, the Discharge Plug is cleaner and more compacted as the Grinder ensures that smaller
particles are being processed by the De-waterer and Compaction Equipment.
The JWCI SWM is ideal for new builds as the installation requirements are minimal, with only a need for a
Wash-water Supply (2 litres / second at 2 bar) and Electrical Connection to the JWCI Propriatary Standard
However, the JWCI SWM is even better suited due to the compactness of the units, on existing
installations where space is at a premium as the design of other Screenings Handling Technologies often
requires a far larger installation foot-print than our equipment.
We have installed JWCI SWM Units within 1 (one) working day, inclusive of removing the existing

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