Phosphorus Adsorption Capacity of Alum and Ferric Sludge for Use in Wastewater Treatment Works: POSTER ONLY

F. Nikendary,*, M. A. Camargo-Valero, A. Babatunde
BioResource Systems Research Group, School of Civil Engineering, Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9JT, Leeds, UK


Characterization of WWS, the alum WWS was chemically composed of Al, Fe, and Si, with Al holding the higher percentage. It is applied to ferric WWS too which composed of several chemical; with Fe holding the higher percentage compare other element. It was evident that chemical content of the sludge was
dependent on the primary coagulant used during the water treatment process.

  • The adsorption of P by WWS was found to be dependent on their concentration.
  • The WWS is believed to be a potential adsorbent for phosphorus removal through adsorption process from all experiments both for alum and ferric, however the length of process and dose of adsorbent are playing an important aspect in adsorption process, and both alum and ferric have different process.
  • The Freudlich Isotherm was able to describe P adsorption in alum sludge, where the adsorption capacity was in range between 20-29 mg-P/g. This capacity can be seen to be comparable and generally high. Based on Baker et al. (2014) for thirteen light-weight aggregates in batch experiments, obtained maximum adsorption capacity of 0.702mg-P/g. For ferric sludge, the Langmuir Isotherm is fitted to the adsorption process, where the capacity obtained in range between 1.3 – 4.6 mg-P/g.
  • The mixing condition has an effect to remove phosphorus concentration resulted in the effluent concentration of phosphorus with dose in range between 1.08-4.67 g/l, which batch experiment had higher % P removal and achieved lower concentration compare to the jar test with no mixing condition for alum sludge.

This condition does not apply to ferric sludge, which both batch and jar test have similar value for concentration and % P removal

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