OSCAR technology addressing the Circular Economy: PRESENTATION ONLY

Hermana, B.1, Ruiz, C.1, Ordóñez, A.2, Gutiérrez, B.2, Huertas, F.2, 1ECOLOTUM energía Recuperable S.L, 2GS Inima Environment, Spain


The management of sewage sludge, generated within the process of treatment of wastewater, is a problem of great concern in the world. Given that sludge contains organic compounds such as antibiotics and pathogenic organisms, its random discharge without any treatment can cause a serious pollution to soil, air and water. Search for environmental and cost-effective sludge processing solutions whilst responding to environmental regulatory requirements has become one of key issues for wastewater industry and public administrations worldwide.

OSCAR PROJECT aims to demonstrate a disruptive solution representing a radical change to the techniques currently used for the sludge processing & elimination. An innovative and effective implementation of wet oxidation that allows to eliminate pollutant organic matter and transform sludge into inert water. OSCAR® attains to convert sludge into clean inert water by eliminating up to 99% of toxic organic matter including emerging contaminants and microplastics, and 100% microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) from the sludge effluent without generating any pollution, and consequently reduces the volume of disposed organic sludge dry matter down to 0%. It is achieved cost savings thanks to eliminating expensive steps required for waste pre-processing (among other, anaerobic digestion, dewatering), sludge disposal and to valorising process by-products (Phosphor regeneration, energy recovery…) resulting in operating expenses reduction. A pre-industrial prototype of OSCAR® is being tested in Segovia WWTP (Spain) since 2018, and its good results will be showed.

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