Meeting BAS & regulatory requirements while generating income from biosolids

O’Riain, G.1 and Stack, J.2, 1 Compass Informatics, Republic of Ireland, 2 Severn Trent Water, UK


Severn Trent Water annually manages 700,000 tonnes of biosolids produced from thirty-eight main hub
WWTPs with AD facilities and sludge dewatering systems. This is a rich resource with nutrient and
income release potential but presents challenges in terms of operations management and regulatory
Central to enabling this commercial and compliant operation is the use of a software platform to
integrate the various data feeds; to analyse, present, map, and guide the operations manager; to
provide contractor access to key functions and to support billing and external reporting including to the
Environment Agency.
The annual biosolid volume is assessed via sensors at the plant and blockers placed as required;
transport operations recorded via weighbridge feeds; stockpiles created and spread; and biosolids
recovered to over 3,000 farms locally.
Valuable income generation is enabled by this integrated operation. The BIO system has also been
central to achieving and maintaining Biosolids Assurance Scheme compliance in addition to facilitating
effective biosolids stewardship.
In 2011 Severn Trent Water (STW) replaced an aging internal IT solution (SUMO) which was being
used to manage Sludge with a custom built web based system known as BIO. Over six years on and
the BIO system now keeps STW ahead of the curve, ensuring Biosolids Assurance Scheme (BAS)
compliance and safeguarding a professional service to our contractors and farmers.
When we reviewed are requirements it was clear that we needed;
• Alignment with our corporate IT strategy
o Linkage to other current and planned intranet based systems and financial systems
o Knowledge base within the IT architecture team
o Comfort levels with the core software
• Cost savings on the upfront purchase and ongoing operational support
o No reliance on specialist bespoke software
• Future proofing and less reliance on a third-party niche software provider

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