Increasing biogas generation and solid reduction with biocatalysts: PRESENTATION ONLY

Fabiyi, M., Drylet USA


Drylet’s biocatalyst combines material science and microbiology to overcome the hurdle of hydrolysis, typically the limiting step in the anaerobic digestion process that converts organic waste to energy in digesters. Through three case studies (municipal, agricultural, industrial), we describe how Drylet’s solution leads to a 30+% average biogas boost and enhanced solids reduction with no process change and no new equipment.

The first step of converting mass to gas is hydrolysis where long-chains molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. It is also the limiting step. Current technologies enhance it either thermally, chemically, or by using ultrasound or pressure homogenization – all capital- and energy-intensive processes. By contrast, Drylet’s biocatalyst is simply dosed in the biodigester with no process change and no new equipment required.

Drylet’s innovative product Bio React AD is comprised of a consortium of carefully selected beneficial microbes that release hydrolytic enzymes. The microorganisms are embedded inside a porous media substrate with strong adsorptive characteristics and a large surface area of about 140,000 m2 per kg of material. This design ensures the microbes are shielded from phages and higher order microorganisms. Their viability ensured, they can effectively compete for organic substrates (food) and form resilient biofilms that integrate to the microbial environment where the product is dosed.

The protocol and the outcome of applying Bio React AD, both in terms of biogas boost and enhanced solids reduction, will be described in the cases of a municipal anaerobic digester, a farm biodigester, and an industrial biodigester.

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