Implementation of a local heat grid at Buchenhofen WWTP

Kolish, G.


The transition from current energy practices to the sustainable use of energy is essential. Recovering thermal energy is one main key for a sustainable urban water cycle, as it is the energy source with the highest recovery potential. Meda and Cornel (2010), for example, estimate the energy content of wastewater to about 250 kWh/(PE*a) as thermal energy against about 150 kWh/(PE*a) as chemically-bound energy (COD). The advantages of recovering thermal energy from the urban water cycle are investigated in the project INNERS (INNovative Energy Recovery Strategies in the urban water cycle), supported by the European Community within the INTERREG IVB North West. The implementation of a local heat grid at Buchenhofen WWTP operated by Wupperverband in Germany is one of the demonstration projects on the recovery of thermal energy from the UWC investigated in INNERS.

The Biosolids conference attracts the most authoritative global experts in the area of biosolids and organic resource handling, treatment and recycling. The programme covers both the latest innovations and updates of existing technologies. Presentations from respected industry experts and newcomers follow the development of technologies and legislation from inception to full-scale installations.

The conference regularly gathers over 200 delegates from all over Europe, many of them return every year both for the technical presentations and fantastic networking opportunities.

Regular conference themes include:

• Thickening and Dewatering
• Modelling Sludge Handling and Utilisation
• Commissioning and Operating Experiences with Thermal Hydrolysis
• Tackling Potential Odour Problems
• Operating Experiences and Potential Problems in Digester Operation
• Ensuring Optimum Energy Recovery from Biogas
• Liquor Treatment and P Removal
• Alternative Products from Sludge
• Enhancing the Value of Biosolids and Digestate
• Pathogens and Pollutants In Digestate
• Sharing Experiences

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