IFAS ANITA™Mox Deammonification process for treating THP reject water: First full scale plants in operation and lessons learnt: PRESENTATION ONLY

Bigot, B.1, Lemaire, R.2, Graveleau, L.2, Veuillet, F.2, Christenson, M.3, Nussbaum, B.3,  Torresi, E.3 and  Zhao, H.4, 1Veolia Water Technologies, UK, 2Veolia, France, 3AnoxKaldnes, Veolia, Sweden, 4Kruger Inc., USA


ANITA™ Mox is the AnoxKaldnesTM technology for deammonification in moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBRs). The first ANITA Mox plant was started up in 2010 in Malmö, Sweden, where it was applied to treat high-strength digester centrate. Since then, the technology has gained interest around the world, reaching more than 25 full-scale installations in 2020. The ANITA Mox process operated in an Integrated Fixed Film and Activated Sludge (IFAS) configuration has been evaluated to treat the reject water from a thermal hydrolysis process (THP) pre-treated anaerobic digester. This paper presents the start-up details and full scale operations from ANITA Mox in Hybas (IFAS) configuration.  The first full scale ANITA Mox plant was started in Växjö Sweden in 2011.  In 2014 they added thermal hydrolysis to the plant while making no configuration change to the ANITA Mox.  Approximately 2 years ago the configuration was changed to Hybas.  This timeline and operations will be detailed in the presentation.  The performance and lessons learned of the first full-scale ANITA Mox Hybas plant in the UK, the Welsh Water Five Fords plant, will also be presented in addition to the design summary of additional full-scale plants currently being commissioned in Ireland, France and the United States.


Key Words: deammonification, anammox, ANITA Mox, thermal hydrolysis, THP, side-stream treatment, Hybas

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