High Performance Bucher Hydraulic Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering

Huppert, M., Bucher Unipektin AG, Switzerland


Innovative dewatering technology

Bucher Unipektin is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for efficient solid-liquid separation of biomass. The patented technology of Bucher hydraulic presses has been put to use in over 2000 systems worldwide. The reliability of Bucher presses in demanding applications and use has set new standards.

Bucher Unipektin has expanded the boundaries and introduced the new HPS 5007 hydraulic filter press to performances of what has to date been technically impossible in dewatering of sludge. Systems delivered by Bucher Unipektin are characterised by a high level of performance and long service life with minimal maintenance.

Bucher presses offer decisive advantages:
• High degree of dewatering
• Low disposal and drying costs
• Reliable process and system control
• Self-optimizing process operation
• Continuous operation without supervision
• Minimal labour costs
• Low maintenance costs

Dewatering to the limit

Bucher presses provide the superior technology for processing municipal and industrial sludge to yield filter cake with the lowest possible moisture content. Using common additives, sludge may be mechanically dewatered to the limit that is technically possible.
The high performance levels of the Bucher press have been demonstrated in comparative trials with other dewatering technologies. Dry substance (DS) values of up to 50% W/W have been achieved.

The Bucher press is a hydraulically driven cylinder-piston system. All wetted metal surfaces are stainless steel. The end of the cylinder and the piston are connected with flexible drainage elements. The drainage elements consist of a flexible polyurethane core fitted with a woven polypropylene filter sleeve. The complete cylinder and piston assembly are slowly rotated.

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