High Efficiency Odour Control Systems for Sludge Dyers, Sludge Pasteurizers and Stabilization of Sludge using Lime and Biogas Treatment

Scott-Bowden, J., ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd


This paper summarizes ERG’s experience of supplying odour control for sludge dryers, sludge
pasteurizers, sludge lime stabilization and biogas treatment and indicates areas for improvement.

Since the banning of sewage sludge disposal at sea in 1998 secondary treatment of sludge is
now a vital part of waste water treatment. Initially many Water Companies opted for incineration,
but over the last 10 years other options have been adopted such as producing stabilised sludge
and pelletised dried sludge for use as fertiliser for agriculture. Currently over 62% of sludge is
used in agriculture and only 19% goes for incineration to produce power. The recent increase in
the price of fertilizer is causing an increase in demand for sewage sludge fertilizer. The
generation of biogas from sludge is also becoming important due to the recent surge in natural
gas prices.

ERG over the last 10 years has supplied a number of odour control systems for sludge dryers,
sludge pasteurizers, sludge lime stabilisation plant and more recently biogas conditioning upsteam of engines.

These types of odour control and gas cleaning plants are more complex than other odour control
equipment used in the waste water industry. This paper will explain how ERG has dealt with
these complexities and review the performance of the equipment.

Odour control, chemical scrubbing, carbon filters, waste water, OdorgardTM, sludge dryers, sludge
pasteurizers, lime stabilization, biogas, V-texTM

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