Ginestous Multi-Technology project with focus on digestion with high dryness thermal hydrolysis: PRESENTATION ONLY

Skonieczny, T., Eveillard, F., Kjær, R., Phélip, G., Veolia Water Technologies


The revamping of the WWTP, 950.000 PE, in Ginestous (Toulouse, France) to be commissioned in 2020 is a very good example of a successfully application of highly specialized technologies that all together aims to optimize the operation of the plant.

The paper will summarize the challenges and the experience gained during the commissioning of the plant e.g.:

  • Optimization of sludge handling:
  • By the use of Thermal Hydrolysis (THP) the installation obtain considerable reduction of sludge and increase in its calorific value
  • Capex of the Digester and the on-site Fluidized Bed Incineration is reduced accordingly.
  • Optimization of energy consumption:
  • By the using of Sidestream Treatment with a robust Anammox process.
  • By the use of High Dryness Thermal Hydrolysis
  • Reduction of chemical in Biogas treatment:
  • Use of a water scrubbing in a patented “GasTop” installation at the digester
  • Use of biological sulfur removal.
  • Improved safety for operators:
  • Use of Flat Roof Digester, including a “GasTop” with air and water safety valves and flame arrester, avoids the accumulation of biogas in a dome and reduces the explosion risk zone, to the benefit of operators and neighbours
  • Optimization of energy production:
  • Implementing a Thermal Hydrolysis step, which increases the amount of biogas produced.
  • Cleaning and upgrading the biogas produced for use in the Natural Gas grid, which increases the possibility of storage and use of the renewable energy.The final paper will present the challenges of integrating the technologies in the plant, and discuss the perspectives of these technologies to support and contribute to the SDG

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