Enzymatic hydrolysis of fine sieved materials from wastewater for the production of carbon source at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport wwtp – towards CO2 neutral operations: PRESENTATION ONLY

van den Brink, P., Scherrenberg, S.M., Al-Zuhairy, S. and Whelan, D., Evides Industriewater, The Netherlands


The increase in the amount of wastewater produced at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, more stringent effluent requirements and the ambition to become more sustainable, calls for a need to adapt and extend the treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Sieving of the wastewater using fine sieves produces material called screenings which can be converted into a carbon source. Moreover, it increases the treatment capacity of the existing WWTP since the screenings (mainly cellulose) are not available for the activated sludge. Furthermore it has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint as the purchase of carbon source (glycerin) can be avoided.
Laboratory scale batch experiments have been performed to select the right conditions (enzyme dosage, substrate concentration, need for sterilization, hydrolysis time) for the enzymatic hydrolysis of fine sieved materials (screenings) to glucose and other short chain sugars, that can replace glycerin as carbon source in the denitrification process. Enzyme blends from several suppliers and screenings from different wastewater treatment plants have been tested.

Based on the results of the laboratory scale batch experiments and on shelf availability of the enzymes, the most optimal combination of enzyme blend, substrate concentration, enzyme dosage and hydrolysis time were applied in a continuous pilot scale reactor.
*Based on the results of these pilot scale reactor runs, the business case for enzymatic hydrolysis of fine sieved materials for replacement of glycerin as a carbon source is calculated and will be presented*.

This possibly leads to full scale implementation of this process at Schiphol WWTP.

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