Energy from Organic Wastes with emissions close to zero using Flameless Pressurized Oxy-Combustion (FPO)

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1. Itea FPO Process – Block Diagram

a. FPO Reactor

b. Ashes melted into vitreous slag

c. Flue Gases

d. Flue Gas Emissions

2. Benefits of FPO

3. FPO – Development Path

4. Today – 60 MWt FPO CHP EFW Plant at site in NE England

5. Way Forward

Benefits of FPO • High energy recovery from total combustion of wastes containing: – Up to 65% Water – Up to 40% Ash • Emissions near zero: – SOx <30 mg/m3 after FGD – NOx is close to zero (organic nitrogen converted to nitrogen gas) • Water in feedstock + water from burning carbohydrates purified by condensation • No fly ash: heavy metals and other incombustibles are captured in non-leachable vitrified slag • Enables CO2 recovery on an economically viable basis

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