Dynamic mixing of steam and sludge in Veolia THP installations – long term operational experience: PRESENTATION ONLY

Eveillard, F., Skonieczny, T., Phélip, G., Veolia Water Technologies


Summary of the contribution: Veolia Water Technologies in recent years contributed significantly to development of well proven THP process. Here worth to mention are:

  •  introduction of simple continuous THP process Exelys for small and medium sizes plants,
  •  or being a pioneer in introduction of DLD (Digestion Lysis Digestion) which brought performance of digestion to the next level.

But one of the most important VWT innovations could be made thanks to the fact that besides being a supplier of technologies VWT, Veolia also operates both own and competitor’s technologies. That made VWT to recognize deficits and introduce solutions which would address below issues:

  • adjustment of DS upstream THP,
  • maintenance of lances in the reactors,
  • further improvement of energy balance,

A solution that allowed Veolia THP to be in line with above mentioned topics was introduction of dynamic mixer of steam and sludge prior THP reactors.

The final paper will present dynamic mixing of steam and sludge long term operation experience based on VWT references i.e.:

  • Marquette lez Lille (France) – in operation since 2014,
  • Billund (Denmark) – in operation since 2016
  • Other: Yeosu (Korea) in operation since 2018

    Main topics to cover in the paper are:

  • From innovation to proven technology,
  • reliability of equipment,
  • operational time,
  • range of DS to cope with
  • temperature control and hygienization  Maintenance REX,

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