Design of fired-clay brick prototype from biosolids generated in an Andean municipal WWTP in Colombia: PRESENTATION ONLY

Salazar-Espitia, J.D.1, Ossa-Galvis, G.A.1, González, F.A.C.1, Orjuela, A.M.Z.1, Rios, A.N.1, Benites, D.G.1, Vasco, J.M.N.2, Yepez, O.D.C.1, Rubio, O.A.P.1, Salazar, M.T.J.3, Cardona, J.A.3, Baena, J.E.4, Arango, L.A.4, Buitrago, M.4, Montoya, A.L.5, Izaza, I.C.C.5, 1National Learning Service of Colombia, 2Catholic University of Manizales, Columbia, 3Caldas University, 4Tejares Terracota of Colombia S.A., 5Aguas de Manizales S.A. E.S.P.


Owing to a low wastewater treatment capacity in Colombia (24.9%), national government is developing projects focused on the implementation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in order to improve basic sanitation rights. A WWTP generate a material called biosolid, which needs to be consider like a resource, more than a waste, for its recycling and valorisation according to circular economy strategy and the sustainable development agenda. In this context, developed countries (Netherlands, Canada and Japan, among others) have used biosolids in a beneficial way as agriculture, composting, soils and incineration. Unfortunately, developing countries, like Colombia, have barely noted the problem associated to biosolids management and its environmental and social impacts. As a result, this research proposes the design of a fired-clay brick prototype (BP) incorporating 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of biosolids on a clay paste, which were physical, chemical and microbiological tested. BP were made from biosolids from the municipality of Victoria, Colombia and clays from a company who is interested in incorporate biosolids in its production process of ceramic materials. BP quality will be tested according to Colombian legislation, which requires measuring of deflection, shrinkage, loss by calcination, water absorption, texture and colour; likewise, TCLP evaluation will be developed.

This paper will explore:

  1. Biosolids legislation and management in Colombia.
  2. Colombian investigations about biosolids reuse.
  3. Procedure for a fired-clay brick prototype design.
  4. Colombian legislation related to ceramic materials.
  5. Quality of a fired-clay brick prototype made of biosolids.

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