Converting Grit and Screenings Reduces Waste to Landfill and Produces a Saleable Product

Hill, S.A. and Pollock, M., Wessex Water


We have completed trials, and successfully implemented them in what I think is the first Grit and Screenings Recycling operation in Britain.

The recent UKWIR G&S paper was very thorough, but did not find any usable solution to dealing with G&S in any effective manner. Having spent 5 years chasing all sorts of companies to treat our 5,500 tonnes of grit and screenings, nobody, despite promises ever came back with any solutions – so we decided to do it ourselves.

We now have an excellent process (essentially a composting operation), which typically reduces 1,000 tonnes landfilled material (which was previously landfilled)  to 350 tonnes of agriculturally recyclable biodproduct, and less than 150 tonnes of material which is either retreated (recirculated) incinerated, or landfilled. in the last 12 months we have not produced any waste!

  • Reduction in Landfill             85-100%
  • Reduction in disposal cost     75% ( some recycling cost) ( bearing in mind landfill cost is circa £75/t inc haul)
  • Permitted and approved by the Environment Agency
  • Final product is actually sold

The process is repeatable and transferable, and unfortunately not really patentable, so I think it sensible that we produce a paper, and take some credit, as the other companies will no doubt copy immediately when they find out how dramatically effective, and easy it is.  There are various hurdles in siting( on stw) licencing, NAMING ( not compost) etc that are required to achieve the cheap process.

“Primary Retrieved Biosolids – Reducing Grit and Screenings by 85% and producing a saleable product”… or Trash to Cash

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