Contractual guarantees in a litigious market

Dr Nigel Horan, University of Leeds and Aqua Enviro: PRESENTATION ONLY


•Disputes which involve dewatering equipment at some point in the chain are on the increase through mitigation, mediation and litigation.
•Clients and suppliers believe they are protected through the contract, often optimistically
•Contractors are stuck in the middle
•Nobody gains in a dispute!


•Sludge treatment has changed hugely over the past decade
•Increasing use of thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment followed by MAD
•Requires high dry solids feed (10%)
•Expectations of 30% + dry solids after MAD
•Polymer doses higher than expected to achieve this


•Provide equipment based on contractor specifications
•Occasionally (rarely?) samples may be available for testing prior to specification
•Typically provide guarantees for solids concentration of final product as well as polymer dosage
•Protects itself by specifying the nature of the feedstock (eg: solids concentration and flow rate)
•But feed quality?

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