Compact phosphorus precipitation and capture technology with operational and ecological benefits for wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestions: PRESENTATION ONLY

Dittmann, M., O´Brien, L., Knörle, U. Willoughby N., Eliquo Water Group 


Especially beneficial for:
• Sludge Treatment Centres.  Sidestream contributes ~1% to 3% flow to the main stream but can add 10-30% load (N&P).  This load has an even bigger impact at centralised STWs.
• Sites with Advanced Digestion Advanced digestion (e.g. THP) enables a breakdown of organic matter which makes it easily biodegradable. However, this also increases the P-release and therefore PO4-P
concentration in digested sludge and centrate.
• Sites with biological P-removal (Bio-P) Biologically bound P is partly released in digested sludge. This often causes poor dewatering and high polymer demands.

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