Biosolids, Biogas and the Realisation of the Circular Economy in Norway

Tornes, O.1 and Whipps, A. 2, 1 IVAR IKS, Norway 2 Pell Frischmann, UK


IVAR IKS is the organisation responsible for the provision of drinking water and wastewater treatment
in the Stavanger region of Norway plus responsibility for the management and treatment of solid waste
in the region. It is the policy of the IVAR company to establish holistic beneficial environmental solutions
for the treatment of wastewater and waste from trade and industry in the region.

The Circular Economy has become an important strategic objective for Norway, linking both
sustainability and economic objectives with environmental obligations. The Circular Economy is rooted
in IVAR’s strategies and business models within the field of wastewater and waste. In this context, large
inter-municipal companies such as IVAR IKS plays an important role and a driving force to secure
development through ambitious strategies, plans and investments in infrastructure and advanced waste
treatment. This subsequently generates significant beneficial effects in terms of new possibilities and
business opportunities and provides clear examples of circular economy in practice.

The planning of two key IVAR waste water treatment projects – Grødaland and Mekjarvik has been
accomplished through co-operation with strategic partners in the biogas value chain. This has been
essential to secure the best possible resource exploitation. The co-operative bodies include among
• The Lyse Company for biogas distribution in the local gas grid.
• Agriculture for the development of small farm-based biogas reactors and transportation of
untreated biogas to the central biogas upgrading plant at Grødaland.
• Jæren Fjernvarme (the district heating supplier) and adjacent Tine Dairies for the establishment
of woodchip heating facilities at Grødaland.
• The HØST Company for the development of organic fertilisers.
Consequently, biogas provides unique possibilities for the realisation of the circular economy in terms
of trade, environmental and climate protection measures. In particular biogas can influence:
• The possibility of industrial development.
• Employment opportunities and new service areas for IVAR IKS.
• The regional production of renewable energy as a replacement for fossil based energy.
• Sustainable management of organic waste.
• More effective and cogent influence on regulatory authorities.
The paper provides an overview of the background, planning, organisation and status of projects and
how the resulting costs and benefits are implemented in IVAR IKS business models.

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