Battling climate change using struvite as phosphorus crop nutrition: PRESENTATION ONLY

van Spingelen, R. and Leatherwood, R., Ostara, USA


There are several areas having important effects on climate change where struvite as a phosphorus source has better environmental footprint than conventional forms of P fertiliser.

Conventional phosphate fertilisers are completely water-soluble and have applications risk losses involved to watercourses by runoff with fine soil particles. Struvite is water-insoluble and thus not subject to losses to watercourses and only releases nutrients in the presence of growing plant roots.

Studies have shown that struvite fertilisers are used as efficiently by plants as conventional fertilisers. In a UK study funded by DEFRA, it was concluded that the potential resource savings and potential efficiency benefits of utilizing Crystal Green offers a more sustainable alternative to only using conventional, high solubility-based fertilizers. (Talboys 2015)

Emergy Accounting shows that struvite production uses one order of magnitude less emergy than DAP production to produce one unit of fertilizer, struvite production requires only 10% of the earth’s energy resources, with far less CO2 to produce the same quantity of fertiliser.

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