Plenary Session: The future, where will the next 20 years take us? PRESENTATION ONLY

Barber, B., AECOM, America


“A growing world population, unrelenting urbanization, increasing scarcity of good quality water resources and rising fertilizer prices are the driving forces behind the accelerating upward trend in the use of wastewater, excreta and greywater for agriculture and aquaculture..

The irony of anaerobic digestion pre-treatment To increase biogas production, energy efficiency And coincidentally also kills disease causing organisms + i.e. pre-treatment by itself can meet the original drivers for having anaerobic digestion in the first place making it redundant

There is much we can do with existing digestion, also….. –

More and better data collection • Empirical modelling – pH control • Addition of buffers • Addition of other materials • CO2 stripping – Nutrient addition • Directly • Addition of other materials – Toxicity control • In situ or side-stream stripping • Alternative configurations (with recycle) – Kinetic control • Better suited for different configurations • Engine tuning on Model T Ford?

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