Aquasuite MINE® – promising results at two full-scale WWTP’s with the Transport and Dewatering control modules: PRESENTATION ONLY

Van de Ven, M.1, van de Grootevheen, F.2, 1Royal Haskoning DHV, 2Waterboard Vallei & Veluwe, The Netherlands


Aquasuite® MINE optimises operational performance of sludge logistics and treatment using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Transport module predicts sludge production and monitors the sludge buffer to automatically optimise the internal and external sludge logistics. While the Dewatering module continuously optimise the sludge dewatering by controlling the centrifuge settings and polymer dosing based on the quality of the produced centrate.

Since November 2019, Aquasuite® MINE is operational at two WWTP’s in the Netherlands:

  1. WWTP Utrecht (Transport and Dewatering module, 880,000 PE): control of sludge transport from 14 external buffers to the WWTP and dewatering optimization of 4 decanters, operating in two different sludge treatment lines.
  2. WWTP Amersfoort (Dewatering module, 590,000 PE): dewatering optimization of 2 decanters, fed with digested thermal hydrolysed sludge.

The expectations of Aquasuite® MINE are a higher dewatering result, less PE consumption, more efficient sludge transport, while operational efforts are reduced. Based on the full-scale data from WWTP Amersfoort, the dewatering result in 2020 is improved by 4% (sludge cake from 25% to 26% dry solids content) and the polymer consumption is reduced by 10 – 15%. While the operational efforts are reduced by 60%.

For WWTP Utrecht, a performance test is planned for June 2020. The results of this test can be included in the final paper and presentation.

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