WEBINAR: Ask the Expert: Microscopic Examination of Activated Sludge

27 August 2020, TIME:11-12.00 (BST)

Over the coming months we are running a series of  ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars – this will be an opportunity to hear from Aqua Enviro’s leading industry experts on a range of topics, you can then ask questions and join other attendees to share experiences and ideas.

The most common, problematic filament that we have encountered at Industrial plants over the past 20 years is Type 021N and for domestic wastewater treatment works, Microthrix parvicella.  In this FREE webinar the features of different filaments and the conditions under which they proliferate will be presented, along with tried and tested practical techniques to keep them under control.

This webinar will be hosted by Matthew Smyth,  Technical Director.

This webinar is FREE to attend. 



Aqua Enviro’s new ‘Activated Sludge Troubleshooting Chart’ is now available – for a FREE digital copy please email Paul : 


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