Wastewater Based Epidemiology – A strategic solution for population protection

29 March 2022, Online

Aqua Enviro invite you to participate in our virtual Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) conference on the 29th March and join leading international WBE practitioners and suppliers to explore and discuss, current and future practices.

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Strategic sampling and testing wastewater in sewerage networks has proven to be a valuable tool in managing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Since faecal shedding occurs prior to the onset of observable symptoms, sampling from strategic nodes in sewers provides a cost effective, real time, leading indicator to measure, monitor and manage viral prevalence (and variants of viruses) in the community. The value of this service has seen transformational change in laboratory practices and the development of new supply chains – but it has also raised questions of ethics and quality. Each of these aspects will be explored in this one day virtual conference.

Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) has a history stretching back over a century, since sewage was first postulated as a source of enteric illnesses and standard laboratory techniques were first developed to culture and identify specific pathogens. In some respects these early endeavours were blunt instruments, relying on grab samples and classical culture techniques to understand pathogen location and prevalence some time after the fact. Since then rapid advances in genetic techniques allow near real-time identification and quantification of whole microbial communities. There have also been (rather more limited) advances in sampling – with the Moore swab developed and deployed to help identify sources of Typhoid fever in southwest England in the 1940s.

The use of wastewater based epidemiology has expanded substantially during the current pandemic, creating an opportunity to monitor and improve the health of communities in the long term. WBE can not only capture the whole range of faecal pathogens, but can also be deployed to address other aspects of public health interest such as the presence of pharmaceutical metabolites, of both therapeutic and recreational origins. The potential for such passive population surveillance raises a number of ethical challenges and WBE is now experiencing a watershed moment, elements of which we will explore in this conference:

  • Development of robust and reliable tests specific to key indicators
  • Accelerating these tests to make best use of the lead indicator
  • Practicalities for sampling within existing sewer networks
  • Collection of the most appropriate sample for the test
  • Ethical concerns and data handling, especially in near-source sampling
  • Cost

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