The Future of Sewer Network Management

14 July 2020, The Hilton Birmingham Metropole, UK

This 1-day event will run alongside the European Waste Water Management Conference. 

Call for abstracts – deadline 7th February 2020.

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Since October 2011, Water and Sewerage companies (WaSC’s) have taken responsibility for private sewers and lateral drains that extend beyond private premises or combine flows from two residences. ‘Modern’ UK sewer network infrastructure, designed to meet the challenges associated with urban population and industrial growth became prevalent during the mid 19th Century following the Great Stink of London. These are still in use today incorporating an extended web of infrastructure including Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s), pumping stations and intercepting sewers, built as populations expanded and environmental regulation changed. The most recent high-profile extension has been the Thames Tideway Scheme, designed to intercept storm sewage overflow from the original sewer network.

The pan-UK combination of sewer systems in terms of age, type and populations served presents unique operational challenges within both the network and receiving wastewater treatment works, with issues including:

  • Septicity management and odour control
  • Fats, Oils, Grease and Rag control
  • Forward load management onto receiving wastewater treatment networks

Septicity is associated with the anaerobic biological reduction of sulphate, present within mains water, generating a wide range of odorous compounds, not least hydrogen sulphide which is a toxic, explosive gas, with an unpleasant odour at very low detection thresholds. Sulphide can also inhibit biological activity within receiving wastewater treatment assets making the water more difficult to treat, increasing the size and energy demand from those assets.

In 2010, some 75% of some 200,000 sewer blockages per annum were caused by Fats Oils and Grease (FOG), hardening within the sewer network, creating restrictions to flow. Much of the remainder is caused by accumulation of flushed wet-wipes and other ‘non-woven’ textiles, resulting in the flooding of some 3,000 homes per year. Other recent incidents include a 64m long fatberg discovered in Sidmouth, and such occurrences are becoming more prevalent in sewer networks throughout the UK.

Data and information on FOG in networks is sparse and mechanisms of FOG accumulation in sewer networks are not fully understood. Whilst food service establishments and domestic producers make up a significant load of FOG disposed to sewer, this varies with season, geographic location and customer information programmes, making management reactive rather than proactive.

Efficiently managing sewer networks in the future will require a change in the industry’s approach to network management with opportunities to: improve environmental compliance, reduce maintenance costs, increase sewer capacity through cleaning, recover valuable energetic materials in the form of fat or FOG and reduce both energy consumption and CAPEX on downstream wastewater treatment.

Aqua Enviro invite you to attend our conference “The Future of Sewer Network Management” in which we will explore this fascinating subject on a technical, social, technological and legislative basis.



  • Full delegate – £395 (+VAT)
  • Speakers and Water Companies – £350 (+VAT)
  • Students, Academics and Charities – £120 (+VAT)
  • EWWM Conference dinner (14th July) – £60 (+VAT)
Booking will open March 2020

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