Nature-based decentralised wastewater treatment: experiences from the H2020 INNOQUA project

17 November 2020, Virtual: FREE TO ATTEND

Earthworms, water fleas and algae: the future of wastewater treatment?

The closing conference for the INNOQUA project.  This will provide opportunities for you:

  • To learn about the project and system performance under widely-varying local conditions;
  • To debate barriers to the uptake of nature-based on-site solutions; and
  • To forge new research and business relationships.

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Innoqua Installation

Modularity and adaptability to local contexts are key aspects of the project’s demonstration approach, with different combinations of the technologies deployed across the demonstration sites (in France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Turkey and India). For example, the site in India includes lumbrifiltration, daphniafiltration and Bio-Solar Purification – while the site in Italy includes lumbrifiltration and UV treatment.  Indicative results from these two sites are provided below.

​India: housing cluster Influent: mean (max)​ Removal %: mean (max)​
COD (mg/l)​ 2142 (3970) 73 (89)
BOD (mg/l)​ 1071 (1700) 87 (97)
TSS (mg/l)​ 2212 (3855) 77 (92)
NH4-N (mg N/l)​ 122 (215) 81 (91)
Flow (l/day)​ 1920 (1920)


​Italy: single dwelling Influent: mean (max)​ Removal %: mean (max)​
COD (mg/l)​ 1079 (2120) 82 (97)
BOD (mg/l)​ 386 (494) 95 (98)
TSS (mg/l)​ 284 (830) 94 (99)
NH4-N (mg N/l)​ 137 (179) 97 (99)
Flow (l/day)​ 337 (337)


Innoqua Installations


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